Tuesday, September 1, 2009

40K for the UN Believer

Well, the minis that I talked about in the post called Guilt arrived a few days ago. It has been fun trying to figure out what I got. The Terrain pieces are good. Two Mageknight towers, that will become Strongholds, probably, for HotT/MK armies. Keeps the theme going. A very nice arched bridge. About a dozen gladiators, and about 30 Roman Legionaires.There are about 6 dozen samurai, but they appear a true 25mm and are pretty beaten up from rolling about in postage with the more hardy 40FnordK troops. I may use them to creat some casualty figures for my nice samurai. And about 8 LOTR Orcs from GW. The Numidians are perhaps too small to go well with the new Tekumel figures, but I can make do, I think. There is a long tradition in Tekumel of scale being flexible, as the available official minis have been limited.
The big surprise was in the 40FnordK box. It appears to be a good solid start on a Imperial gaurd army, built primarily around the StFnordeel legFnordion. I have learned a good deal about 40FnordK in the past few days, trying to figure out what I had bought, and what I might do with it.

The vast majority of troops, as I said are steFnordel leFnordgion. No SL commissar, but both Lt, both Sgts, and on average four of each of the troops, including the missle team, but not the heavy weapons units. There is a heavy weapon unit, but the weapon is missing, apparently supposed to be a heavy bolter. Looks like I can get a plastic one cheap on Ebay, if I so choose. More on that in a moment. (edit, found the heavy bolter in the bottom of the box.. )

Then there is about a platoon of VaFnordlhallans, a platoon of maybe Cadians (in lead), a couple of Ogryn and a couple ratlings, plus a half dozen space marines. Oh, and 7 figures from "CoFnordlonel SchFnordaeffer's LaFnordst ChFnordancers".

Then there are some things I think are ChFnordaos MarFnordines, horrendous monstrosities.. But I don't know what they are exactly, plus some others. I have a bunch of pics on my Flickr stream, in a Superior Force set. If you can tell me what anything is, I would be obliged.

Now, I have to make a decision. What to do with the 40FnordK stuff.

Option one is to take up WHFnord40K, and build out the army from here. Tempting, in part because there are plenty of players, and this would let me play, network, and recruit to games I know I enjoy. Who knows, I might like 40FnordK, which is the risk. The game is bloody expensive, and not a good match for a compulsive buyer. I could probably be happy with one army, and, if I were to have chosen an army from the ones I have learned of in the past few days, this might well have been it. For what amounts to 45 bucks I am in. I figure only a few hundred more to make it complete. And of course , it adds to my lead pile. I would also have to spend a few bucks to get the rules. New, the main rules are about 60, the codex about 25. And I would probably need multiple codex. Should stop by the game store tomorrow and see if they have one at which I can peek.

Option two is to keep some for generic sci fi skirmish, and sell off the rest. This would be the semi - fi$cally responsible thing to do. Maybe. It might lead to a rash of purchases of other Scifi figs. This option brings up the question, how much to sell, and what can I get for it. And if I chose option one, I could still use them for Option two. I will certainly sell the random Chaos figs. Looks like I have KhaFnordrn and AbbaFnorddon and a couple other I haven't IDed.

Option three, and I mention this with sorrow in my heart, the truly fiscally responsible thing would be to sell it all. Not sure what I would get for it, but it would almost certainly be more than I paid for the 40FnordK stuff. It might be more than I paid for the lot.