Saturday, August 28, 2010

Inactive blogger

While the campaign appears to be stagnant, it is only an illusion. I am now three sessions behind on posting here, which is a really bad place to be, as each session adds more labor to getting caught up. I have made an outline, and I hope to write a single post to cover it all soon, perhaps tomorrow. I can't do it without the spell check I have been slowly teaching Tsolyani, which means I have to do it on my desktop. Which means I have to stay out of second life for a bit.

Actually, I have been avoiding SL more and more since I discovered OpenSim, which, I think, is the answer to the biggest problem of trying to build a Tekumel VR - price. OpenSim is a opensource VR project, closely paralleling SL. The big difference is that anyone can host a Sim. And even link it to other Sims. The Gore community has built a fairly extensive Sim, and have 3000 members, if I understand correctly. Their own little World of Weirdcraft. I joined that Sim, with the idea of learning what they have done in world, but, I am not sure Gore is my cuppa... I have never been able to force my way through any of the books. I will try again though..

I have been going into OSgrid to start working on Builds for a possible VR tekumel. I wanted to start simple, and so I am beginning with the Sakbe Roads. Though big, they aren't a terribly complex structure. In SL I was either limited to the existing Megaprims (which were built during a glitch in the software - prims there are normally restricted to 10 X 10 meters) or have massive prim counts. Opens Sim has no such restriction. I built a 135 meter long 3/4 scale section of wall over the past week. I can see this will be a big project, and may carry me into retirement. I hope to have a demoable setting ready prior to UCON, so that I can recruit interested parties.. And I need to fly the whole idea past whoever might be able to get me approval from the Professor. I doubt the Tekumel community is as large as the Gore community (which boggles my mind..) but I still think it could support a multi region Sim for RP, and socializing.