Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Civil War

Sorry Tekumel Fans. This is the one sometimes misnamed "The War of Northern Aggression". Played a game using the Piquet rules and "Other peoples Miniatures"tm. I was on the side of all things right and the battle was a corner of Shilo.

This post is mostly about getting back to posting, with a new philosophy. Post short, post often, post with pics if possible.

This is the view from just behind the northern lines..
My personal units coming in from reserve on turn two..  This was a six person game, three commanders on a side.
A couple turns later my forces are engaged at short range with the Rebs, but we have a good deal of shooting left before we end up in melee..
The over all battle field at this point. In the center fenced area, the Rebs have charged and broken our center, while I struggle to start to roll their flank. What you can't see here is the Confederate reserves coming in on the left flank.
 Piquet is a game of Morale, as much as anything. Individual units take morale hits, as seen in the counters next to the units. Armies take morale hits in the form of chips lost from a morale pool. Morale is established using tables and rolls at the start of the game. I am aware that we are struggling to run out their morale pool before their reserves arrives and we are overwhelmed.. but..

With this contact on the left flank the Boys in Blue break, and that is all she wrote..

"other peoples miniatures" trademarked C Lewis..