Monday, October 8, 2012

A long road ahead

That what it appears to be like to catch up on Tekumel. I am not prepared to do so today, as I just realized how very far behind I am. I am going to have to take some notes, and make some drafts, and fill in some memory holes with spackle. A bit like my terrain projects, which are equally behind. But fall leads to winter, which leads to more time cooped up, so, this might be doable.

On a plus note, cooped up time will probably also lead to continuation of the campaign. The group split, momentarily, in two, and one simple tangental story has been played, and also needs to be blogged. Another is brewing in my head.

I had planned on putting the campaign on hold until I returned from Ucon, but that looks to be farther off than I anticipated, as I won't be going. My eldest/youngest/only-est is off to college, and money has dried up.  I need a part time job, I think. So does my eldest/youngest/only-est, but with her class load, it will probably have to wait til summer.. At anyrate, 500 buck I figure I "save" by not going.. which is 300 more than I could have afforded to spend.. So, a good deal that one can't pass up, even though one would like to..

Shouldn't blog when tired.. the brain becomes a barrier

On a related, but more generic note, I have some terrain Bling. From Foxhole Terrain, I picked up some bits of road, some bales of hay, and some fences, as well as some ships, not shown here today.. All can be employed on or off Tekumel, as the need arises. 

On the 40fnordK frontlines, the troops are going into the Warp, until such time as I can score the new rules at a reasonable price. Or possibly forever. Not at all happy with the 4-6 year life cycle they have established for their product line. Looking at 5150, and other sets for getting the 14 ROD into battle.

Ok, sleep calls. One of the reasons I fall behind on projects like this blog is I don't go to bed, so I sleep during my productive hours.. yeah, that's it.