Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Riot on the Avenue of Uplifting trade

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On the 28th, Geo and I went to the Twin Cities to take part in the annual Tekumel miniatures event. I ended up running my own table, using the scenario I had created "The Riot on the Avenue of Uplifting trade". Rather than do another write up right now (it is getting late) I will, without further delay, direct you to the Flickr set that contains a narrated account of the fight. I make no claims as to the accuracy of the account given by Herechi of the Clan of Saffron light, who was there, but is known to be a bit of a zealot. Still, the pics are commented to coincide with his testimony to the Tomb Police on the subject.


  1. It's probably due to my own lack of internet ability, but I can't seem to get the photo set (or Flickr) to load; any suggestions...

  2. Do you mean you have nothing loading at all?

  3. I get the URL in the display at the top of the browser tool bar ( I have Safari) but all I get is a blank white page.

  4. Don't know off hand. Is it trying to open in the same window, a new tab in the same window, or a completely new browser window? I found one thread on a bug in Safari and flash that might explain it. Try to force it to open in a new window..

  5. I took your advice; all is explained. The desktop in the office has a newer version of Safari, which has the bug; we also have several older laptops that don't have a new version, and your lovely photos and comments load just fine on them.

    Loved the game report! The sabot bases made all the difference, too. I think I have one of your figures, so if you could, E-mail me your address and I'll get the guy mailed back to you...

  6. Thank you for the inspiring photos and report! Wow! As an old EPT player, I wish I could've been there . . . Maybe someday!

    Looking forward to more and thank you for posting!
    ~ TT


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