Friday, July 23, 2010

non campaign bits

This is a maintenance post. First, I transposed the names of Sajesh and Mriga several times in the past two posts. They are, I hope, all correct now. I don't blame you if you were confused..

Next, I spent some money at Old Glory, before my Old Glory army membership lapsed. Got a few more Ghost miniature elves, some Philistines, and some Ancient Egyptians all for Tekumel. Got some Pirates with firearms as well, cause I have enough pirates to make a decent pirate skirmish and I can use a number of the Numidians and such that will serve in Tekumel as natives in games on that front.. So, 12 bucks on non tekumelani items seemed not unreasonable. I am finding it hard to justify any more lead purchases this year, because I am not getting much painted.. Though I have gotten a couple house projects nearly done.. perhaps when it gets cold again..

I have a shameful secret to share now. I started playing in Second Life. Originally to help a friend with his SL night club, but, honestly, I am finding it kinda interesting.. I have requested membership in a Tekumel Group in SL, and, if the creator ever gets back to me, I could see a long term goal to create a sim area just for Tekumel RP..

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