Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jan Project update

Well, the ref screen has not moved much. I have printed a few charts, still collecting others. Trying to decide what data I want at my fingertips and what I can live with looking up. Titles, Clans, an abbreviated History. But how abbreviated. It would be nice if my clan chart showed temple affiliations, and it would be nice to have a temple chart with clan affiliations. Andw the two are not redundant, really. We played last night (campaign update in the works) and the group was in the underworld, and managed to get themselves into the lower levels, which I was mapping as we wet using Dave's Mapper.. And I found myself saying, " The space you've entered it an excavated Clan house of one of the clans that follows Thumis.. " It would have been nice to look at a chart and pick a clan. I know the data is in the Mitlanyal, but, looking it up takes time, and I havent' got the memory anymore to get it all in my head at once.

Daves Mapper is nice, and I quickly had the party going in circles. I was using it via an Ipod touch, which was interesting, but left me no good way to record the spaces they went into for possible future reference. I saved most of the individual tiles they travelled through, and they weren't mapping, relying on dust footprints to back track, should they find the need. Everytime I rolled an encounter, they skipped a few doors and made a bee line for their destination.. I probably could have been better prepared..

But we ate well, as Mriga, and Suni cooked some very tekumeliani fare.. We are going to add occasional dinners to the regular routine... So there goes any serious plan to lose weight, I suspect..

I have found a bit of time to paint, or, at least do what passes for painting in my world. I am painting some Romans to proxy as Tomb Guard.

The colors are washed out in real life as well. Not sure how to fix that, except possibly spend money on quality paints. Not sure what color to paint the plumes. Currently, the chest armor is brown for Sarku, and the kilt and shoulders red for Vimuhla, being soldiers and all. The shin guard will be copper,as will the breast plate or perhaps just the plate trim. The Plums I haven't decided yet, though Blue for the Empire seems likely. Still need to come up with some awesome shields. Opinions welcome.. Be kind... but honest..


Well, I didn't have access to a printer, so I didn't make any progress on the screen, but I did have my paints, and I worked on the tomb guard a bit.. improved. still hack quality, but, improved. Had purchased a brighter red, so the kilt pops a bit more. Added copper and touched up some things. Plumes in Red and Blue..


  1. What brand of paint?

    It's not bad for starters. The colors are mostly in the right places. Try to get nice solid coverage, then go back to touch up the places where you went outside the lines.

  2. I think it is called applecrate. I get it at micheals. It is cheap. I know the good stuff is several times the price, and I fear wasting money on poor skills and infrequent painting. Finally convinced myself to buy good brushes.

  3. I use Delta Ceramcoat for my bulk colors, especially the blues on my Ever Present Glory troops. You are wise to get good brushes, something I need to invest in again! On the plumes, I find that using a darker-than-desired basecoat and then a drybrush of the desired color to be helpful. You might want to also investigate 'The Dip' to help shade the minis... a good pictorial is here:

    I am considering some experiments with The Dip as supposedly it will help improve the speed of painting, something I lack.

    So far, things look good - practice makes perfect though, so keep banging away.

  4. yes, I have been considering dips. I am not thrilled with the gloss that they produce. I need to try a matt spray on the dwarf I dipped a year ago.. I used the floor polish ink combo. I tried the minwax on a 1/72 samurai a few years back, but it was a disaster. I think it would need a thinner...


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