Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wither, Hence?*

It has been, arguably, more than a day or two. I apologize. The Tekumel Campaign has been on hiatus as players were being swamped with their college commitments. This was good, as I needed to recharge a bit as well. I am not, by nature, good at maintaining focus, as many things tend to take my interest. Ooooooh.. shiny.... Unfortunately, it also led me to feel no pressure to get campaign to pixel. We were not planning to meet again until mid may, or so, which should leave plenty of time to post a couple sessions worth and bring everything up to date. I work well under pressure. Without pressure.. well.. I drift. Does that make me a follower, rather than a leader? Don't know.

I have also been toying with the affections of a another game universe. She means nothing to me, but, she is popular, and has some attractive qualities. Her most attractive quality, unfortunately, is that she is popular. We are talking, of course, of that trollop of a game universe, 40Fnordk. I have been painting and building an IG army, because I see the opportunities to bring Tekumel to the table locally as being limited. Don't get me wrong, I love the RPG, but, sometimes I just want a little fling on a table.

Anyway, This has led me to reconsider the nature of this Blog. Most of my followers are here for the Tekumel, and don't give a hoot about the GW, I suspect. The blog was originally supposed to record all my gaming, but, all my gaming has tended toward Tekumel, in large part because last year was devoted to that. But as you can see by the side bar, the year before I had declared several different interests. So.. followers.. dear readers.. if you are still with me... should I stay on Tekumel track here, or just blog on anything Gamey that suits me at the moment... The latter may lead to more posts.. and more bling.. but.. if you are primarily interested in the Empire, that may not be a plus.. But my non miniatures focused RPG leaves me with almost no bling....

Another alternative might be to start an second Blog, devoted to Tekumel. I had considered this before, and then considered making it a team blog, for any person running a campaign. That might prove confusing, or it might prove cool... or both... I suppose they aren't exclusive.. At any rate, The Superior Force is not a very Tekumalani sorta name..

In other news, Chirine and the Aethervox Gamers did the Dave Arneson Memorial again, and I missed it. There are a pile of new Tekumel blogs out and about, but if you are here for tekumel, you have probably already seen them, as this is a very tardy posting.. (if not, I will try to make a list...or at least point to a blogger who has done so..).

I really need to spend time trying to find sources for bling on these posts as well.

Oh, and Hot Elf Chick..

* A pun.. is that bling?


  1. I might not be the one to listen to when giving advice about blogs - as I have 3 (actually 4) blogs myself. But, sometimes I wish that I had not separated individual projects off onto their own blogs. None of them are updated regularly. My projects have strayed far away from what I foresaw in the beginning of my main blog - but I keep plodding along.

    My advice would be to keep this blog with all of your gaming content, even 40K.

  2. actually, that is very valuable input. More blogs means more work to maintain blogs, with more effort spread over more fronts. I am struggling with a one front war.. It is funny how writing a problem can clarify it. The only good way for me to split the Tekumel stuff off would be a team blog, that would be kept active by shear volume of contributors.

  3. I agree. It shouldn't be too hard to focus in on Tekumel posts, and who doesn't love miniatures?

  4. honestly, I am also a bit embarrassed about the 40fnordk dalliance. It is consuming far too much money and time.. as GW projects are want to do.. But, it is starting to look good. Been doing a build blog on that over on an IG board.
    And the project is improving my painting. But I learned a lot of my fundamental problems was simply that I am too cheap to buy decent paint..


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