Saturday, October 1, 2011

crash boom bah ha ha ha..

Last weekend I managed to get together with some friends and play Wreckage, as a minis game.  Nice units, modified  for the purpose (or similar games) by Stan Johansen Miniatures. First some pics of the combatants..

These four were my opposition. All classic American Heavy Metal, Up Armored and loaded for Bear.

These poor suckers brought cars to a Bike Fight.  I chose the bike because I own an Ural..and sidecars rock. Oh, I started a bit poorly. Learning the mechanic for the first time I kinda got stuck in my corner. But I had all kinds of Acceleration and Maneuverability, despite my hack loaded with a pyromaniac ganger..

I cruise Past the badly damaged tank.
A left turn brings it in line with my rear firing flamer
Honestly, getting stuck just worked in my favor. The objective was to collect fuel barrels, and my opponents went at it right off. Which brought them into shooting/ramming range of each other right off. So, they were all  pretty chewed up, all european WWII, when I came out of the corner all fresh and strong..

But, I still have to say, my final two turns were beautiful.  a Three shot sequence. I had a flamer, a card that allowed me to us it forward or backward and land mines. Never figured out a good way to use land mines.
when this beast moves in to pick up the fuel.. I U turn and fire again..

Killing the last remaining opponent. I took home all the fuel, took no damage.. I feel pretty good about that, even if  I have to admit, those early mistakes were critically good fortune..

As this post is heavily Bling.. and substance light.. I want to throw up a couple pics and see what people think of an idea. I have recently missed a number of Tekumel Figs on Ebay. Several Non Humans were scattered across several larger lots of mostly old Ral Partha, and the lots just went to high, which is too bad, because I really needed the Pachi Lei and the Pe Choi.  A few weeks ago I missed a Sro. But, I understand the Sro wasn't that well done in the first place. So, I am at Micheal's crafts, thinking about this, and other things Tekumel, and look at their toys - which includes several Dragons I have considered getting as cheap figs for my (Long on Hold) Mageknight/Hott project. And this time, I looked at this and saw THIS
Now, How hard you think this might actually be. Just ad a set of arms up there.. cut and splice and we might have a readily available Sro proxy.

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