Sunday, November 6, 2011

You are not Forgotten

We are meeting for Games now. We have only done a tiny bit of Tekumel, however. We time warped 3 months or so into the future, as the players engaged in some Clan and Temple obligations, and maybe a little study or recreation. Then they went to the Caves to look in on how things were going.  I will leave the details for a dedicated campaign post.  That is not this.. or this is not that...

Last week we played a game of Microscope, a game by Lame Age, that is about creating histories. There were problems, but the experience, I hope, will improve my event at U-con. Next weekend I will be running this game as a tool to expand upon a possible history of the Three States of the Triangle. I am nervous. Both because the Game is actually a bit tricky, and because I don't feel qualified to build tekumel history. I am hoping the players do.

Update, on my draft..

I am now at Ucon.. gave up my seat at the first game session to another who was pre registered for it, but, whose ticket for the event was lost in the shuffle. I am effectively Auditing the game, sitting in the back, prepping for Microscope.  The adventure is the follow up for one done a few years back, apparently.. members of the Clan Broken Reed are resolving internal clan personality conflicts while trying to address a dishonorable attack on the clans persons and reputation..

We have already gathered for the annual event, Joyful Sitting Among Friends.. in which we got a look at a box full of miniatures generously donated by Howard Fielding and the Tekumel Project, several figures of Shen, Hlutgru and H'laka will go to the paint and take table, to introduce non tekumellani to the line. Several will go to Tekumel track people. I will be getting some, to bring to a painter friend, for a really class treatment. Pics will go up, and will be sent back to Howard for his site and use as promo pics.

no pics yet. Not sure I will have any, but i will try to do kinda live updates over the weekend..

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